Radio Based Water And Gas Monitoring Sydney University

The Problem

Sydney University had a range of legacy metering systems monitoring energy and water usage, consumption and the detection of leaks.  The metering systems were independent, and the meters were dispersed over a large area, relying on an unreliable and inaccessible cable network for data transfer.

The Solution

Zamatech developed a private radio network to gather metering data which used the Halytech Spider water telemetry system.  Extensive testing showed that this technology would work well even with the possibility of radio shadowing and the large area that needed to be covered.  There was also a significant cost saving over a traditional cabled system.

Water and gas metering 2










The Result

The first pilot project was rolled out successfully and the Halytech radio system together with the Zamatech
designed AUMS provided an integrated metering solution with reliable data transfer.

Sydney University was able to actively track water usage at a much more detailed level and in real time, with immediate warning of leaks.  The AUMS provided a planning tool to assist with water infrastructure management.