Carbon Reporting Macquarie University

The Problem

Macquarie University is one of the top 200 energy users in NSW, producing approximately 30 545 tonnes of greenhouse gases per year from electricity use alone. A strategic objective is reduce energy and water consumption on campus to reduce the University’s contribution to climate change.

Carbon usage was reported through the Envizi carbon reporting tool which was not able to directly link to sub-meter data, limiting the reporting scope available to the university.

The Solution

Zamatech created a system that integrated the University’s existing sub-metering system with their carbon reporting system using a blend of technologies that adapted a diverse range of legacy systems.  This provided detailed real time data for a large portion of the campus and delivered the data directly into the reporting and analysis tool, Envizi.

The Result

Macquarie University now has a much clearer picture of energy consumption patterns.  Detailed and accurate consumption data is regularly and quickly loaded into Envizi, and the analysis is used to help develop the University’s greenhouse emissions reduction strategies.