Advanced Utility Monitoring System Sydney University

The Problem

The University of Sydney has approximately 51,000 students and the Camperdown/Darlington campus covers 72 hectares.  There are over 30 buildings consuming a significant amount of electricity, gas and water.

Sydney Uni_1823 (600 x 600)Campus Infrastructure Services had several systems that monitoring energy and an increasingly diverse population of disconnected electricity, water and gas meters with very limited
capability to measure and analyse Campus consumption at a sufficiently granular level.

The Solution

Zamatech designed and developed the Advanced Utility Metering System (AUMS), a new system from the ground up that used existing metering where needed and added new metering points to provide over 800 metering points for electricity water and gas.  AUMS incorporated 30 buildings within the campus and used radio telemetry data collection for fast, seamless reading which fed into a purpose built database and reporting tool that provided insights into consumption patterns.  Our solution integrated a wide variety of retail metering, sub-metering and building management systems and was developed to meet the specific needs of the University.

The Result

AUMS has revolutionised energy management. Since the implementation of AUMS, the university has deep insights into consumption patterns, and continues to discover new relationships that can be anticipated and managed to improve energy efficiency and deliver savings. ​

In the Queen Mary Building, the system provides signals to the Building Management System to reduce load at key times, saving energy.   ​

The future looks promising as there is untapped capacity within the system.  AUMS is fully scalable and provides for over 1,000 metering points and over 20,000 discrete metrics, and because it’s based on reliable store and forward gateways it will support a diverse range of legacy meters.