Free Your Data

Zametrics: a totally new energy and water reporting and management solution.

Zametrics-logo-clear-largerWe’re proud to announce a completely new approach to energy and water reporting for facilities and buildings.

Metric. (def.) A business metric is a quantifiable measure used to track, monitor and assess the success or failure of processes.

Zametrics is a data analytics tool that works with a wide range of historical or real time client data to logically group, analyse and track our clients energy and water metrics.


A complete solution for energy and water

Our bundled service includes everything you require to build a state of the art measurement and reporting capability dedicated on your site or as a bureau service using secure and cost effective cloud servers.

Zametrics_snapshot4Zametrics supports sustainable energy savings in campus and wide area environments by delivering operations staff a flexible tool that helps infrastructure operations managers improve the performance of their buildings with:
> Reduced operating costs
> Increased revenue
> Improved sustainability KPIs
> A catalyst to change wasteful behaviours
> Improved compliance efficiency

We can also work with data stored in existing energy monitoring systems, by using standard SQL scripting and Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) where these are available.

New possibilities in energy and water analytics

Zametrics takes the headache out of energy and water monitoring by consolidating all energy and water source data in one place, using industry standard SQL databases.

brochure image page 3It integrates live data from sub-main metering systems, SCADA and BMS, water and gas radio telemetry, and manual readings all in one place putting data in the hands of the people who need it.

Zametrics unique logical tree removes the clutter of non-relevant data, and creates a user friendly way to access information. The “Myhome” landing page allow users to create a personal space to organise the data.

This concept of “setting your data free” gives users’ freedom to freely create hierarchical folders and then link data to the folders from any metering point. With our metric grids, computations in each level can be logically linked up and down the tree to create a huge range of combinations of data.

Custom metrics can be created as new types of energy, water and waste resources are added. Even folder icons can be customised to assist users with context and visual identification.

Measure and act on any metric

If you can measure it, Zametrics can record, report and act on it. Anything can be a metric, time, area, location, asset, volume, populations, occupancy, frequency, and usage intensity, indeed anything to which you can assign a measurable value.

Free your data iconZametrics can combine metrics with other metrics to create new relationships that can be analysed and reported.
Facilities managers can deliver reports on user defined metrics such as occupancy, climate and resource usage together to deliver new energy savings possibilities.

Because Zametrics is based on industry standard Microsoft SQL reporting tools customisation is easy.


screen shot graphs ZamatechZametrics_snapshot1Zametrics_snapshot5

Email reports any time, tailor and customise views and even tweet live information to change behaviours and save energy and water.

It also builds a knowledge base of your metered assets over time, with comprehensive meta-data, images and pdf documents which means that you’ll have a better understanding of usage patterns.

geolocation snapBe ready for the location aware future with geolocation data built in for Geo-fencing and other location-aware functions.




Smart Automation

Zametrics can contribute to Demand Side Management by triggering automatic demand reduction strategies in Building Automation Systems based on any of the metrics it measures.

Through integration with Tridium’s NiagaraAX Framework®, Zametrics uses BACnet, Modbus, Lonworks or other open protocols to signal the Building wheels iconAutomation or SCADA System and reduce electrical or water demand. This integration also permits smart reduction strategies that include changing global comfort setpoints in response to favourable climate conditions without sacrificing occupant comfort, reducing demand when occupancy rates are low, and prioritising loads when demand is high.

So Zametrics can leverage analytic insights to save energy and water.

Integrate with the past and be ready for the future

Zametrics can integrate with existing metering systems including radio based telemetry using a range of integration options. This means that you can leverage existing metering infrastructure and continue to expand metering coverage. We can evaluate your current metering environment and advise what is possible.

Put simply, Zametrics is a game changer in energy and water management.